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ty myr! miss you guys, one day i shall return!!...maybe...
Happy Birthday Bell!
thanks guy!
Happy Birthday Bell!
Happy B-day Bell :p
Upcoming birthdays
Birthday on Tue 13 May, 2014
Birthday on Fri 16 May, 2014
Birthday on Wed 21 May, 2014

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The Final Battle Begins - March 4th

B r u a posted Feb 25, 14  -  GW2
New video from ANet.

Also check out the new GW2 Atlas.

Uh Oh...

Edge of the Mists goes live

B r u a posted Feb 10, 14  -  GW2EotMWvW
WvW queue fixes, and a whole new map to fight on.  The time to try WvW is now!

GW2'ers - next phase of the Living Story is live.

Twisted Marionette and Great Jungle Worm (x3) are live in Lornar's Pass and Bloodtide Coast.

Events run every two hours, alternating between locations.


Pet a posted Jun 13, 13
Katana's Edge Raid Team is officially on summer break!
Click here for details.
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